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For years the Hockey Yearbook has been the chronicle, fact-keeper and the historian to the amazing world of field hockey, and I feel very honoured to write a foreword to this edition, after the labour of love and many years of work by our Chak De! India team reach film audiences and hockey lovers the world over. 

Hockey Year Book is a unique publication which has touched our work and research during the making of Chak De! India in more ways can be simply told. Happy reading.

Jaideep Sahni, Script writer and Lyricist, Chak De! India  

I am happy to hear that your Hockey Year Book 2008 is out. You are an amazing man as far as book publishing goes. I take my hat off to you. I wish there were many more hockey enthusiasts like you around.  
Stan Salaazar, Veteran Hockey Player, Perth, Australia. He has world’s largest collection of hockey books. 



Hockey year books are comprehensive collection of information on every aspect of hockey in India. This is perhaps for the first time that women’s hockey in India finds significant mention in a book. It is a high achievement on the part of the author to compile the details of domestic tournaments played across the country … yet another chapter was added to Indian hockey history, albeit in a low profile and different manner.  
Abhijit Das in the Statesman 
  Through the passing years, India has enjoyed more international success in hockey than in any other sport. Yet surprisingly, these successes have not been evoked an outpouring of biographies or autobiographies or an overflow of hockey literature. In this context, the year book , a painstakingly compiled volume, is a welcome addition to hockey literature.  
Prof. Novy Kapdia, noted TV commentator and author 

Come to think of it hockey had no comprehensive literature on it till K. Arumugam has a brain wave of writing a hockey year book. If you want any information on the hockeyvities that took place last year it would be rewarding to flip through its pages. Hockey fans will find the year book useful.

VK Shashikumar in The Week
  Chronicling events with a critical eye can be very fascinating. At lest that is the impression one gets after going through this compilation. The author deserves commendation for the painstaking effort in presenting in detail the events that went into history in the last two years. The panoramic view of the vents both men and women makes compulsory reading. The value of the whole exercise lie in the statistical presentation of event. Colourfuly designed and consciously produced the work would remain the realm of excellence. As a reference work, the book is a useful companion for hockey buffs.  
S. Thyagarajan in The Hindu
  With the publication of  Hockey Year Books, author K. Arumugam makes an important contribution to the promotion of sport. His valuable work retraces, through words and images, the most significant moments of the last two years of regional, continental and world hockey competitions. It also provides up-to-date informative material, and serves as an easily comprehensible reference guide. The many photographs capture for ever the exceptional feats, special emotions, and unforgettable memories. I trust that each of you will appreciate this book.  
Jacques Rogge, President, International Olympic Committee
  Mr. Arumugam has continued with admirable tenacity to bring out, year after year, his unique series of hcokey year books. He has already established a reputation for meticulous collection and objective analysis of data. I am tempted to wish a similarly focused dedication on the part of our hockey team whose attention to hockey has often been casual and intermittent. What is refreshingly peculiar about the book is that it has continued to evolve. The author has resisted the temptation of adhering to a conveninent format. He is evidently been putting in consistent hard work to ferret out information. Each year book is an improvement on its predecessor.  
Sayid Hamid, Chancellor, Hamdard University.  
  Hockey has not been generating enough statistics and literature despite being the national game. It is surprising how such a spectator friendly and media savvy sport, full of thrill and action, failed on this count. Many of hockey’s virtues have not been realised due to the absence of sound literature and failure to produce an amazing variety of numbers that games like cricket seem to generate endlessly, with effortless ease. Any newcomer to the game have to grope in the dark before making any headway. Thus, hockey lover K. Arumugam contributes to the game substantially with his annual compilations. His painstaking work chronicles, faithfully and dutifully, all of India’s international and domestic events with a special focus on history. Thus, we are able to get a perspective of Indian hockey. I only envy present day players, for, all their achievements are portrayed here, with eye-catching images. Had such a Year Book concept existed in my playing days, I could have easily compiled my biography!  
Harbinder Singh, Olympic Gold Medalist and triple Olympian
  We are staunch supporters of hockey which brought our country so much glory. Year books are a treasure trove for hockey lovers. It is useful reference book that documents national and international statistics and data on the game.  
Ram Savoor, CMD,  Castrol India Ltd.
Hockey Year book 2008
Hockey Year book 2008
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Hockey Year book 2008
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