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For  years the Hockey Yearbook  has been the chronicle, fact-keeper and the historian to the amazing world of field hockey, and I feel very honoured to write a foreword to this edition, after the labour of love and many years of work by our Chak De! India team reach film audiences and hockey lovers the world over.

There are many things about the life of field hockey players, coaches and support staff which we wanted to bring to the world—things which had inspired and moved us beyond mere words. While the work, struggles and achievements of Coach Maharaj Krishan Kaushik and the Indian women Hockey team was in many ways the inspiration behind our work, we realised during our research that the soul was something which was true for every field hockey player, coach and support staff person the world over.

And there were lessons, for both ourselves as film-makers and the media in general—the biggest being that if depicted and marketed professionally and with love, the sport of field hockey is as exciting to watch and follow as any other. If supported, players of field hockey can be as much of stars as players of any other sport. And if left in the hands of apathetic, ambitionless administrators, it too can wilt and die like any other sport, only spring forth and bloom given the slightest chance with the right environment.

Events in the Indian Hockey universe that followed the release of the film and the renewed public interest in it have proved beyond doubt that the fans would throng the fields if the sport was brought to them with love, attention and ambition, and rise in one voice if it was perceived to be hurt by the system itself. 

I am grateful to all of you in the field hockey community the world over who loved our film and found themselves in it, and would like to tell you on behalf of the Chak De! India team that you and the sport you love so much have become parts of all our lives forever.

I bring to you this year's edition of this unique publication which has touched our work and research during the making of Chak De! India in more ways can be simply told. Happy reading.

With admiration and love,
Jaideep Sahni ,
Script Writer –Lyricist, Chake De! India

Hockey Year book 2008
Hockey Year book 2008
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Jaideep Sahni ,
Script Writer –Lyricist, Chake De! India
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