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Hockey Year Book is a compendium of statistics and a chronicle of current events. The information is cast on a user friendly, innovative and dynamic format, evolved after trail and error since 1995.

This Year Book 2008 you browse focuses on tournaments and events that have taken place in 2007 and 2008. They are supported by adequate historical and background information. Many feature articles, analysis, interviews and perspectives are also presented to provide a complete picture, enjoyable material to not just hockey readers but to a wider spectrum.  

Current year marks the Centenary of hockey legend Roop Singh. Therefore, the book opens with his portrait, followed by a detailed write up of the  great player whom his elder brother Dhyan Chand described ‘better player than me’.  

The book then opens up.  

The book has seven chapters as follows:  

International Review: All the international engagements that India had in 2007 and 2008, both men and women including juniors, are presented with images, statistics, critical analysis, giving historical perspectives.  

Hockey in Numbers: Statistics of tournaments, teams, scorers, and decadal performance of India form the bulk.

Players: This chapter focuses on players, their profile, goals scored etc.  Retired players find a mention while debut makers get special portrayal. Sports is for players, you will enjoy this portion.  

Mind matters: Interviews of personalities who mattered in the years in questions and book reviews – four of them – make up this section   

Azlan Shah Cup: The Azlan Cup has gained deep appreciation in India. History of the competition with an eye catching portrait of Azlan Shah himself takes a tour of 2008 edition.   

Domestic Scene: A painstaking work. Not just about tournaments and events, but also chronicles of events that followed after India failed to qualify for the Beijing Olympics. Nationals and PHL were not held in 2008 , still there is a lot that one cannot afford to miss.

Special Feature: Chak De! India: This section is the tome of this year’s work. We all know the success of Chak De India film. Here, one can journey deep into the people and processes that went into making of the greatest hockey film ever made. The information gathered here are authentic, dispel many myths, though cinefield is hardly an area where a hockey chronicler would have ever treaded in.  

Hockey Year book 2008
Hockey Year book 2008
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